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Embracing freedom: The benefits of being your own boss
The Kins Team
September 20, 2023

Have you ever pictured being your own boss? What would come with that? Likely better pay and the ability to practice care the way you believe it should be practiced — with quality over quantity at the forefront. 

Historically, cash-pay practice or starting your own clinic was the only way to achieve these things…until now. With Kins, you can practice physical therapy as an independent contractor — allowing for more freedom and flexibility — while receiving all the advantages of being your own boss and belonging to a community. 

Working as an independent contractor can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to. Let’s dive into what it means to work with Kins, and for yourself.

Financial security — or work-life balance?

In a full-time position at a clinic or hospital, PTs receive consistent pay and benefits while having access to plenty of colleagues and mentors. On the other hand, the schedules are rigid, overwork and burnout run rampant, and the pay is often uninspiring. 

“Working at a clinic felt stable and secure,” says Kins PT Laura, “but the lifestyle wasn’t what I wanted.” 

Starting your own practice can be a great option and offers the prospect of clinical freedom and higher earning potential. But it also requires immediate overhead for advertising, rent, office equipment, utilities, and employees. Additionally, it can take you out of clinical practice more than you’d like to deal with billing, claims, and reimbursement. If you decide to go cash-pay, you'll only be seeing a small subset of patients that can afford that high cost of care.

Be your own boss right away with no overhead required

Kins PTs run their practice as they see fit, without the hassle of running a business. What do we mean? Let’s walk through a real-life example!

Meet Alyssa, a Kins PT. She came to Kins with ambitious goals and was ready to “hustle.” She set out to earn $90k working just three days per week. 

She began by choosing where she wanted to see patients and setting her working hours for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She does each initial evaluation in a patient’s home, office, or gym — wherever it’s most convenient for them. She then works closely with them to schedule follow-up, in-person or virtual visits based on the personalized care plan Alyssa creates for them. Whenever she has a life event that comes up, she has the autonomy to work with her patients to schedule around it. 

With hybrid care, Alyssa can meet her patients where they are and provide a more personalized experience for them, leading to better engagement and outcomes and more fulfilling work for Alyssa. 

Alyssa is able to complete most of her work within the visit and with no extra time dealing with claims or cash collection, allowing her to achieve work-life balance.

Becoming your own boss

Understand the benefits of being a Kins physical therapist. 

#1 - Earn what you’re worth

Want to earn more and work less? At Kins, you set your income target, and we’ll work with you to meet your goals. Whether you want Kins to become your primary source of income, or you’re looking to supplement your existing income, Kins can support your needs. Some PTs add $15k per year on just 3-4 patient appointments a week. Additionally, Kins PTs working a full week can earn enough to cover their own health insurance and still make more than their previous job. You can start by calculating your potential earnings in our simple to use online income calculator. 

#2 - Flexibility that fits your life

You choose the number of visits per week and the zip codes where you want to see patients. Kins PT Jenny went back to her hospital job at six months postpartum and realized it wasn’t going to work for her any more. “I started with Kins two months later. Now I can take my daughter to the pediatrician when it’s convenient for me, and I don’t have to work weekends or holidays.” 

#3 - Practice independently at the top of your license

Manage your own patients and see them through their entire course of care, with your chosen care modalities on display (no pre-drafted prescriptions here!). “I felt like I could spread my wings clinically and professionally once I had more time with patients,” said Laura.  


#4 - Easy access to a diverse patient population

There’s no need to worry about finding your own patients, since Kins matches each new patient based on care needed, travel time, and availability. That means you can focus on what you're best at – treating patients. Kins accepts Medicare and commercial insurers, so you’ll be able to help a wide variety of patients. 

#5 - Modern platform, easy documentation

The Kins digital platform enables you to optimize paperwork and manage patients. Scheduling and messaging is easily done online or with our mobile app, and you’ll get alerts for requirements like authorizations. You can even send educational articles or videos through the app to help patients with their exercises between visits. 

#6 - Community support and resources

Kins offers clinical and operational support to our growing community of PTs. Access evidence-based educational resources, share knowledge through our online community, and connect with other PTs through in-person and virtual events. “I use it as a sounding board and second opinion when I have clinical questions,” said Jenny.

Ready to get started?

If you’re intrigued by having the freedom and autonomy to practice physical therapy how you want and get paid what you’re worth (while leaving out the hassles of running your own business), Kins may just be the happy medium you’ve been looking for.

If you're interested in learning more about becoming a Kins PT click here to schedule a call with our team.

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