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Our hybrid model of in-person and virtual care makes physical therapy work for everyone.

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The road to recovery—without the commute

Most people don’t complete physical therapy because it’s simply too inconvenient. Research shows that drop-off rates in PT programs are directly tied to long-term negative effects and recurring pain symptoms.

A combination of at-home visits and virtual sessions—all with the same physical therapist—improves recovery speeds and health outcomes.

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Back Pain

Herniated or bulging discs
Degenerative disc disease
Low-, mid- or upper-back pain

Neck pain

Acute whiplash
Chronic headaches

Shoulder pain

Frozen shoulder
Rotator cuff
Dislocated shoulder

Chronic pain

Back pain
Tension headaches

Sports injuries

Tennis elbow
Ligament injuries

And more...

Senior care

How it works
Our Process
At-Home and Virtual

Start with an in-person session at home. Then move into a hybrid of at-home and virtual sessions to keep up with your regimen.

Modern convenience has changed the way we live. You can join exercise classes virtually and get the same results, so why not physical therapy?

Kins How it works
Dedicated time with your physical therapist

In traditional PT, you work with whoever’s available. With Kins, you build a relationship with a therapist who’s dedicated to you. Not only will you have the same physical therapist every session, they will be focused on you the entire time.

Kins for the win

"I was so impressed. I’ve been to 3 rounds of PT for my knee throughout the years and she gave the most thorough evaluation I’ve ever had by far!"


"In previous PT clinics, I felt rushed and ignored by clinicians helping multiple people. It was amazing to have my PT's undivided attention."


"I loved that there was no commute. No waiting room and just being in the clinic for hours"

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Pay the same price as your copay. All major plans accepted.

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